Publish on GenderOpen

Who can publish on GenderOpen?

The publishing service is available to all members of higher education institutions as well as members of non-university research institutions and independent researchers. Furthermore, the author must be entitled to reproduce, distribute and make the contribution publicly accessible. Information on legal aspects can be found here.

What can be published?

The types of texts that GenderOpen accepts and makes accessible are:

• articles in journals,
• papers in edited volumes or proceedings,
• doctoral and professorial dissertations,
• monographs,
• working papers.

These text types have already been subjected to quality assurance, and GenderOpen does not carry out an additional evaluation of the content of submissions. However, the GenderOpen team does its best to identify texts with discriminatory or offensive content and to ensure that these are not released.

Ideally, the version deposited in GenderOpen should be the original published one, but we also accept authors’ preprint or postprint versions. We recommend that you use a version with pagination corresponding to the published version.

Moreover, the contribution must be available as a PDF file free of technical security restrictions, or even better as a PDF/A file.

How do I submit a text?

In order to deposit your text in GenderOpen, you will first need to register as a user. Then you can begin the submission process, using the option »Submit« in the horizontal menu bar.

There are just a few more steps before your submission is completed:

• select the relevant text type (journal article, paper in an edited volume, etc.)
• enter the bibliographical data and content keywords
• upload the electronic publication
• read and agree to the licensing agreement